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Explanations of Mascots

Wisconsin....Cheese Head Badger saying, "Cheese!" for a selfie.

Jacksonville State….Just another chicken looking for a payday.

Auburn…Head coach loses eleven games over a two-year period and get rewarded with a contract until 2020. What a deal? A commitment to mediocrity?

Mississippi State….Apparently the slugger who hit a girl will play with a one-game lay off. Not much a of a punishment. Who was this guy's daddy?

Missouri…It's good guess that these folks want to stay out of the news. Wonder if the team will go on strike against their new coach if they don't like the practice schedule. Perhaps Instructor Click can give them a safe space.

Florida…These folks named their field in Ben Hill Griffin after that golfing afficianado, Steve Spurrier. Which endzone will have the putting green?

Southern Miss…Not much to say about these guys. Still have a bad memory of their contribution to the Tiger Football Program, Curley Hallman.

Ole Miss…NCAA monkey is riding the backs of the non-cheaters. What a joke. Looking forward to not going to Atlanta again.

Alabama…Funroe, Louisiana may not be as hot a hunting ground when a couple of recruits end up with drug and gun charges. Discipline at Alabama is second to none, so we hear.

Arkansas…It's a vicious cycle in Hogland. So much hope. So much disappointment. They beat our Tigers now and then, build fabulous dreams in the off season, and coming crashing down to earth within the first three games of the following season. Same rotation very often.

South Alabama…To many, this is a real let down game. The last game of the season in Tiger Stadium against a virtual nobody. Who'll be in the stadium this night? Just as soon make it a morning game dagnabbit.

Texas A&M…Sumlin, 2nd highest paid coach in the SEC, needs to perform to keep his job. If he doesn't, there's doubts he'll get as good a deal as Auburn hands out.