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Explanations of Mascots

McNeese....Hobby Horse College? What are we doing playing these guys? It may help a state school, which is fine by me, but LSU will charge us the same price for this entertainment as for an A&M game of national significance. Same price for parking, too.

Mississippi State….Their dreams of Number One went up in smoke before the season was over last year. Kind of fun to watch after they got so cocky. The dogs have been let back in. Even so, they’ll be very good this year.

Auburn….Muschamp joins the Plainsmen for his defensive wizardry. We’ll wait and see about this. I think he is happy to have a job.

Syracuse….Will probably have to change their mascot not to offend the color orange or fruits.

Eastern Michigan….The heat and humidity will kill these guys, even in October.

South Carolina….Your basic box of chicken. Will Spurrier ever go to the Georgia Dome again.

Florida….Lots of prayers from ther fans for a return to some sort of football.

Western Kentucky….A big red snot ball. I have been to their campus. I actually like it.

Alabama….Losing to the toxic nuts is still fresh in their minds. Some of their fans have been touting the fact that the Tide never loses by more than 7 points. Interesting way to proud of your team.

Arkansas…Haven’t played these guys this early in the season ever. Usually a deciding game at the end of the season. Now just le boucherie in November.

Ole Miss….Such high hopes last year, similar to the dogs. That one bright moment that comes every fifty years for football in the Magnolia State has passed once again. Good thing they gave up the Confederate Battle Flag early on.

Texas A&M….Chief joins the Aggies….didn’t leave LSU in the most upright and honorable way. But we don’t need that as bulletin board material to remain dominant over the cheerleaders. They can’t beat us with the 13th guy either.